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Kaga Council for the Promotion of Regional Cooperation (All-Kaga Council)

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Information on Each City and Town

Kaga City

The Hospitality of Kaga Onsen Is Known Nationwide

The hot spring towns of Yamashiro Onsen, Yamanaka Onsen, and Katayamazu Onsen are located in Kaga City, and draw visitors from Japan and abroad. Kaga City offers lush natural beauty and outstanding food, especially fresh crab hauled in from the Sea of Japan at Hashidate Fishing Port.

Kaga Tabi-Machinet (Kaga City Tourism Information Center)

Komatsu City

The Entryway to Kaga, Boasting a Leading Manufacturing Industry!

The birthplace of world-famous construction equipment maker Komatsu, and still home to a flourishing manufacturing industry. Komatsu City also features Awazu Onsen, a hot spring town; the Ataka-no-Seki Barrier, known as the setting of the famous kabuki play Kanjincho (The Subscription List); and Komatsu Airport, which offers international flights.

Komatsu Travel Navigation (Komatsu Tourism & Local Products Network)

Nomi City

Explore the Joys of Kutaniyaki Porcelain through Events and Facilities!

The Kutani Chinaware Ceramic Art Village offers visitors the chance to see, make, and purchase Kutaniyaki Porcelain items. Nomi City is also home to Tatsunokuchi Onsen, the Ishikawa Zoo, Tedori Fish Land, the Matsui Hideki Baseball Museum, and other fun destinations.

Nomi City Sightseeing Interchange Section

Kawakita Town

Enjoy Beer Made with Water from Mt. Hakusan and Much More!

The town of Kawakita, located along the Tedori River, is a great place to enjoy riverside fishing or cycling. The Tedori Fire Festival, held here, is famous for featuring one of the Hokuriku region’s largest fireworks shows, drawing many visitors.

Kawakita Town Office Industry & Economy Division

  • 174 Hitotsuya, Kawakita Town, Nomi District, Ishikawa Prefecture
  • TEL 076-277-1111 FAX 076-277-2584
  • Kawakita Town

Hakusan City

With Mountains, Rivers, and Beaches, It’s the Perfect Place to Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

From the sacred Mt. Hakusan to the Tedori River and the Sea of Japan coastline, there’s always something to enjoy in every season! Go mountain-climbing or skiing, try sky sports like paragliding, or relax in hot spring baths and enjoy local festivals.

Urara Hakusanbito (Hakusan City Tourism League)

Nonoichi City

A Great Place for a Walk around an Old-Fashioned Townscape and Modern Shopping!

Located next to Kanazawa, Nonoichi City is home to three colleges, large shopping centers, restaurants, and a variety of smaller specialty shops. Vestiges of the old Hokkoku Kaido route passing through the town, including old machiya townhouses, lend the city an old-fashioned charm.

Nonoichi City Tourism & Local Products Association