Souvenir Shops

Souvenir Shops

Michi no Eki Megumi Hakusan

Offering local fruits and vegetables, fermented items like miso and soy sauce, as well as local sake, snacks and sweets, crafts and folk crafts, and more.

  • 2183 Miyamaru-machi, Hakusan City
  • TEL 076-276-8931

Michi no Eki Sena

Featuring a selection of items from Hakusan City. The on-site bakery sells bread made with hot spring water from Shiramine and local vegetables and other ingredients.

  • Tora-163-1 Seto, Hakusan City
  • TEL 076-256-7172

Michi no Eki Komatsu Kibagata

Explore a lineup of products from Komatsu, including crafts. The attached restaurant is known for teishoku meal sets and curry served with local brand-name rice.

  • Ke-2-2 Rendaiji-machi, Komatsu City
  • TEL 0761-25-1188

Muttsuboshi Matto Honten (Rokusei)

A shop operated by Rokusei, who handles every step from farming ingredients through preparing foods. In addition to their own products, they also offer other premium foods.

  • 104 Hashizume-machi, Hakusan City
  • TEL 076-276-6287

Waku Waku Tezukuri Farm Kawakita

Featuring a selection of local farm products and other local specialties, including local beer made with six-row barley.

  • Hitotsuya, Kawakita Town, Nomi District
  • TEL 076-277-8989

Kinoko no Sato (Nomura Agri Product)

Offering mochi, manju dumplings, okaki snacks, and local vegetables. Their black sesame kinako soft-serve ice cream and aojiru soft-serve ice cream are particularly popular treats.

  • 10-82 Nakaumi-machi, Komatsu City
  • TEL 0761-47-4140

Nakanotoge Local Product Shop

Popular for salt-grilled char, wild vegetables, and miso.

  • Nu-103 Otsu, Nakanotoge, Komatsu City
  • TEL 0761-47-5263

Hazuchio Gawa Market (Morning Market)

Held from 7:00 to 8:00 on the first and third Sunday mornings of March through December. Enjoy a great selection of vegetables, seafood, local snacks and sweets, and other local products.

  • 18-59-1 Yamashiro Onsen, Kaga City (Hazuchio Gakudo)
  • TEL 0761-77-8270

Matto Morning Market

Held from 5:00 to 7:00 every Sunday morning, with sellers offering fruits and vegetables, seafood, prepared foods, and more.

  • 62-5 Tono-machi, Hakusan City (Matto Gakushu Center Parking Area No. 2)
  • TEL 076-275-0251 (Matto Morning Market Association)

Fresh Jonkara Market

Held Wednesdays and Saturdays from the second week of May through the second week of December. A good place to buy vegetables, flowers, and more.

  • Wednesday: Starts at 16:00 at MaxValu Nonoichi. Saturday: Starts at 16:00 at PuRaRa A-Coop Tomioku.
  • TEL 076-248-7336

Butta Agricultural Products Main Shop

Butta grows rice using organic fertilizer, and also offers products like konka-zuke preserved fish, kabura-zushi turnip sushi, and more.

  • 2-162-1 Kanbayashi, Nonoichi City
  • TEL 076-248-0760

Hayashi Agricultural Products

Growers of rice. Offering rice and mochi for sale.

  • 160 Fujihira, Nonoichi City
  • TEL 076-246-1241

Saisai (Shiramine Local Product Shop)

Visitors can buy local specialties like katadofu (super-firm tofu) or tochi-mochi (mochi rice cakes made with horse chestnut) here.

  • Ro-9 Shiramine, Hakusan City
  • TEL 076-259-2588

Kayano Osugi Chaya

Enjoy kusa-dango dumplings made with flour from locally grown rice, and locally grown mugwort.

  • To-10-1 Yamanaka Onsen Kayano-machi, Kaga City
  • TEL 0761-78-5489